Into the Woods

Hitchhiking again.  We were picky hitchhikers.  The thumbs only went up when the car was worthwhile.  Sedans and hatchbacks never made the cut, but a muscle car or a convertible would get the thumbs up.  It wasn’t like we were going anywhere anyway, the journey was all we were looking for.  I guess it was what I was looking for, and they came along for the ride.

A door opened, two guys, 5 seats, and a bottle on the floorboards.  A Tempest this time.  Passenger got out and let the seat up, but he got in back himself before any of us clambered in.  I got in next, climbed over him and pushed him to the middle of the seat.  One on the other side, one in the front, and off we went.

“Where you gals headed?” driver asked.

“Wherever.” I answered.  I saw his eyebrows lift in surprise, with a sudden shock of knowledge.  These two were mid-20s, dressed for construction work.  Not bad looking, but that was hardly the point.  The bottle made its way to the back seat and I took a swig.  Jim Beam.  Better than Jack Daniels any day.  We leaned in towards passenger, the two of us testing to see his interest.  Up front I saw a furtive slide over in the bench seat.

The interest was there.  He looked right and then left and I leaned in for a kiss while she nibbled his neck.  He pulled me closer, and turned towards her kiss as I reached for his zipper.  We had played this before, and knew our parts well.  He had not, which was all the fun of the game.  She leaned down as I freed his cock, and he looked shocked, but not for long.  I kissed him hard, and pulled my panties off from below my uniform.  I was always first.

As I sat on him, facing front, she guided his hands to her chest.  Driver seemed to be enjoying himself, but just to make sure, I leaned forward and nibbled his ear.  He pulled over at an empty church parking lot that had a decent tree canopy, and we all piled out in various states of undress.  Into the woods, looking for love.

We found a quiet clearing near a stream but hidden from view, and then we gave it our all.  The bottle was passed from hand to hand, mouth to mouth, until it was empty.  Driver kissed me hard, and pulled off my shirt, but it was one of my own who removed my bra.  Passenger watched hungrily before the other girl kissed him.  It wasn’t long before it was impossible to know whose hands were on me, and I lost track of whose dick was in me. 

Footsteps approached and I looked up to see the preacher walking down the path. I held myself a little taller, making sure he saw my nakedness. He looked and hesitated before turning back, but I saw his hand move to his pants as he turned. He had seen a hand reach for my breast, a hand with purple nail polish, and he blushed as he touched himself.

The lengthening rays of the sun finally brought our excursion to a stop. It was getting late, and we had dinners waiting at home. We dressed, mostly, and walked back to the car. Each of us dropped off about a block from our house, hurriedly smoothing hair and clothes. I was last, almost dressed, but I made sure to leave my panties behind.

It was an hour or two that I didn’t think of love, that what I had felt like enough. 

Does it shock you that this is me?

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