IMG_20161216_214953Being with Adam was fun.  He told big stories and played games.  He always had a crowd around him when we would go out.  When we stayed home, he would fix the little things that were broken, while teaching Sammy how to do it.  He would even cook sometimes, although it wasn’t ever the kind of food I really liked.  It was still nice to have someone else do it.

If I were to be perfectly honest, I did notice that he drank a lot.  It bothered me that when I would buy a nice bottle of wine, he’d make a great show of tasting it, but then drink it down before I got to my second glass.  When he’d pour a mixed drink, his pours were so generous that I couldn’t possibly finish one, and would sneak back to pour a little down the sink and add more mixer.  It didn’t take me long at all to stop buying bourbon.  The Makers Mark he brought me on our first date was gone before I even tasted it.  But he was a jolly drunk, the kind you read about in stories.  He held court and told stories and was forever happy, so other than not wasting my money on nice drinks, I could ignore it.

Emmy was rarely around.  At 13, she had her own life and was able to stay home by herself for a few hours when she wasn’t over at a friend’s house.  It was several weeks before I actually met her, and I wasn’t at all sure what to make of her.  Her eyes seemed angry, even spiteful, but she spoke politely.  She seemed to warm up to me very quickly, giving me spontaneous hugs within the first hour.  It was hard to tell if it were an act or if she really liked me.  Since I couldn’t read 13-year-old girls when I was one, I didn’t expect to be able to now.

“Ms. Warman,” Emmy said, “you’re such a good cook.  Do you think I could have some friends come over here next week and you could make pizza for them?”

“Of course, I can, Emmy!  What night would you like it?”  My heart melted at the request.  How could I ever say no to that?

“Friday would be great!  Then we can go to the game afterwards and you and dad can watch a movie or something.  Oh, I know!  I could take Sammy with us to the game, and you guys could go out afterwards!”

“That’s really nice of you!  Would you mind?” I asked.

“Of course not!  He’s a good kid, and he’ll have a good time, too, right Sammy?”

Sammy looked at me before answering, “Sure.  Can you buy me a hot dog?” he asked Emmy.

I laughed.  Typical Sammy.  “I’ll give you some money for snacks, little one,” I replied, while calculating how much that would cost at a high school football game.  Money was a little tight, since Jake could not be counted on to pay the child support he owed.

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